Moab Slingshot Tour Day 1 – Colorado to Utah


Should you force yourself to go on vacation? 

At 6:00am on Sunday, bands of snow roamed Colorado Springs.  Webcams on several mountain passes showed snow-covered roads, with more snow falling.  My 1150GS laid cozy in the garage, festooned with all the gear needed for a 4-day desert-exploration trip in Moab.

My long-suffering sweetie Kait, was quick to point out that this was the same time-period in which my younger brother and his wife flipped their AWD Subaru over Lizard Pass in a blinding snowstorm. I had all the reasons needed to call it off and spend 4 days in my garage relaxing with some Jungle records and my mechanical projects. 

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Day 20 – Silver City to Antelope Wells, NM

A dull, clouded morning light crept into the tent after a dreamy sleep in the tent. Wayne and I stayed up half the night talking about everything from how washboards are made, to current political issues. I suspect all that jawing brought a quick, sound sleep.

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Day 19 – Pie Town, NM to Silver City, NM

Blue morning crept in through the balcony windows of the toaster house as I woke early.  The creaks and groans of an old house warming in the sun seeming so foreign after so many days in a tent.

While strolling around the property with my morning coffee, I noticed some movement from a small shed.  I discovered this little guy, who let out a soft, muffled meow when I passed.  While I’m not really a cat person, I do have a strong affinity for anything small and fuzzy.

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Day 18 – Cuba, NM to Pie Town, NM

I’m jolted awake in grey morning light when something hits me in the face.  As focus and comprehension start to set in, I get hit in the face again, in a rapid staccato. As I recoil my head and look over, paws are flying through the air as if running through an imaginary meadow.  Lola’s having puppy dreams again, and letting out occasional muffled barks.  Welcome to life traveling with a dog.

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Day 17 – Chama, NM to Cuba, NM

Waking up in the green glow of my tent, I had two immediate thoughts:

Number one; We are in New Mexico. Land of enchantment, missile ranges, and reputed horrible trails. Everyone from hikers to bicyclists carried a slightly exhausted look in their eyes while describing their experiences in this state.

Number two; “Gimme Shelter” is on repeat in my head, and I cannot turn it off. I would have much preferred something a little less foreboding; Maybe “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. Rolling Stones it was though, no matter how hard I tried to change the channel.

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Day 16 – Salida, CO to Chama, NM

When I first planned for this trip, I thought “Oh, I’ll just camp everywhere, all the time”. What a stupid thought. The regenerative qualities of a hotel room are amazing after a wet day in the dirt.

I took the early part of the morning to do a little service.  I replaced the air filter with a fresh one, and cleaned dirty ones with some gasoline from the jerry can.  Oil levels in the engine, transmission and final drive?  Check.

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Day 15 – Kremmling, CO to Salida, CO

Clear skies, brilliant sun, and a comfortable cool air.  Good morning Colorado, its nice to be here.

The unspoken camp-pack-up competition continues.  Despite Wayne & Zina coming the closest they ever have to beating me, I still enjoyed the last of my ritualistic coffee from the sidecar step while watching them pack up.  As always, Lola was ready to go as soon as her bedding was in the sidecar.

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