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Moab Slingshot Tour Day 1 – Colorado to Utah


Should you force yourself to go on vacation? 

At 6:00am on Sunday, bands of snow roamed Colorado Springs.  Webcams on several mountain passes showed snow-covered roads, with more snow falling.  My 1150GS laid cozy in the garage, festooned with all the gear needed for a 4-day desert-exploration trip in Moab.

My long-suffering sweetie Kait, was quick to point out that this was the same time-period in which my younger brother and his wife flipped their AWD Subaru over Lizard Pass in a blinding snowstorm. I had all the reasons needed to call it off and spend 4 days in my garage relaxing with some Jungle records and my mechanical projects. 

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Moab Slingshot Tour – Day 2

2015 Moab Slingshot Tour

Morning came like a cool, sharp knife into my consciousness.  While the 0-degree down bad certainly muffled the morning desert cool, I was acutely aware that this was not the time to wake up. 

This morning introduces two new characters into the story.  Bean (the hang-loose gentleman on the yellow 1150GS), and Jefe (looking lonely behind the black KLR 650).  Bean and Jefe are masters of the luxurious camp.  High-speed espresso and a breaky of scrambled eggs, sausage and peppers over propane stoves. 

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Moab Slingshot Tour – Day 3 (White Rim Road)

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The White Rim Road. 100 miles of advanced 4×4, high-clearance  road and trail cut into the outer rim of the Island In The Sky mesa top.  It can take 2-3 days by jeep, and up to 4 days by mountain bike.  Our plan was to zip through it in a single day, on large touring motos with (mainly) street tires.  Bold strategy Cotton.

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