Il Monstron in YNP

Il Monstron in YNP

Browsing classified ads for motorcycles has always been one of my favorite morning routines.  From the moment I possessed enough hard cash to buy my first one, I drink my first cup of coffee in front of the computer or paper, and glance through the motorcycle section.

One day, I saw a listing for a 1500$ Ducati Monster 900 in Vermont.  Due to the price, I presumed it was an outright scam, but the seller did list a phone number.  On a whim I called.  Seller said the frame was bent, and the bike had a salvaged title.  The motor ran great though, and he had full maintenance records.  I like the fine state of Vermont enough to drive three hours for a possible motorcycle deal.  The ramp went into the truck with the dog, and off I went.

The bike was in fantastic shape, despite the bent frame.  Everything else was clean, working and well maintained.  A test ride proved that the bike still handled ok, but would dive sharply to the left anytime you took your hands off the handlebar.  I made a 1500$ bet that I could restore it to a former glory.

You can read about the rebuild right here.

Once I had it all back together with a straight frame and welded engine cases, it became one of my favorite motorcycles ever.  It was comfortable, powerful, reliable and handled like a dream.  I racked up over 15,000 trouble-free miles on it, changing only oil and tires.


Reluctantly and against my best judgement, I sold my beloved M900 to a friend in July of 2009.  I still think of the bike fondly, and hope it enjoys life by the sea in San Francisco.  I used the proceeds from this to fund the purchase of my KTM 625 SXC.

Monster outside Ringling, MT