Alex in the little belts, MT

Hi there, my name is Alex.  I currently reside in Montana with my Canadian hottie, our cat and two dogs.

I work as an Operations Engineer for TeamSnap.  As part of the nomadic virtual generation, I do work wherever there is a main-line of steamy-hot internet and high-speed coffee.  I try to work out of my house at least once a week; I usually start talking to the dogs more than is healthy after that.

I’m  a Mac guy.  I was a PC / Linux guy for almost 13 years.  After OS X went through a few revisions, I finally found it to be the perfect platform for my work.  I spend enough time working with Linux and Unix systems for work, that I don’t feel the need to use it when I’m not working.  I don’t have any black turtlenecks though, so I think I’m keeping a happy balance of all things.

I’m an avid motorcyclist, of all makes and models.  “The West” provides some of the most amazing scenic street riding, as well as some truly amazing dirt biking.  I perform all the maintenance on my own motorcycles, which has lead me to seek and develop skills in welding, machining and other facets of metal fabrication and mechanical work.